About Me

I’m Victor Martinez and I live in Bayamon, PR. I work as a software engineer/developer at Coqui Health. I co-founded at ALQMY and used to partner with Engine 4. I left ALQMY in 2018 to work on other things. I started work as a software developer when I started college in 2013. I’m now finishing my degree in Computer Science at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in San Juan, PR. My first programming language was PHP and C. I then moved on to programming in mainly in JavaScript. Nowadays I work in a mix of Python, JavaScript and Go.

I consider myself a decent software developer, mainly focused in systems architecture and business logic.

  • In 2013 I started college at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez studying Computer Engineering. I studied there for 3 years, then dropped out for while.

  • In 2015 I got my first internship at Optivon, Inc. as a software engineer. I mainly developed back-end software using Node. Later that year I started work on a research project at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez building a bus tracking system for data analysis.

  • In 2016 I started a summer internship at the MITRE Corporation. A not-forprofit that operates FFRDCs for the United States Federal Government. I worked there as a data engineering intern.

  • In 2017 I transfered to the Politechnic Unitersity of Puerto Rico in hopes of finishing my C.S degree in or before 2019. That same year I started ALQMY with some friends. I worked for a time with Buena Vibra and later started collaborating with Engine 4 a coworking space in Bayamon, PR.

  • In 2018 I started work in the Treasury Department of Puerto Rico as a programming consultant working on the SURI project and other financial systems.

  • In 2019 I started working on my own through my company and accepting various gigs.

  • In 2020 I ended my job in the Treasury and starting going full time into a gig client.

  • In 2021 I began working with Coqui Health.

This blog is running using HUGO and is hosted using Github pages.

Why do I blog?

I mainly blog because I often have opinions and want a way to voice them. This blog also works a personal journal of mine. Other than that, I blog to share knowledge and experience.

How can I contact you?

hello@victoramartinez.com @vectorhacker